Getting large maximum principal stress in my bar (Exceeds the yield limit)


I am doing a bond test with the rebar and concrete. When I apply 5mm of displacement on the rebar (over 200-300 substeps), I get the following result for the maximum principal stress:

My properties for the rebar is 500MPa yield strength and 560MPa ultimate tensile strength.

The way I modelled is that I have inputted a steel plate with high elastic modulus to make it a fixed support (shown in green in the picture above), the concrete surrounding the bar is of 40MPa in strength.

I have tried running simulation for bonded contact between the steel rebar (I have also modelled the ribs as I am analyzing this) as well as frictional (with a coefficient of 0.45). I get very high maximum principal stress for both the cases.

I have used a 3mm mesh because it is the lowest I could go on the student version (if I make it smaller, the solver won't run). Would anyone know why this is happening?

I have attached the link to the file (

I just want to get the load vs displacement graph. Hope someone can suggest what I am doing wrong/give guidance to what I can do instead.

Thanks in advance!


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