What setting should I use to simulate heating of a canned milk?

Hi! I am currently trying to simulate the temperature profile of a canned milk during heating. I am new to Ansys Fluent so I am a bit confused on what settings I should choose during set up. I have set my fluid (which is milk with a piecewise linear data for viscosity and density and its constant heat capacity) and the material of the can which is tin. I have set the cell region of the milk, which is the whole can.

Currently, im pretty confused on the type of solver and the models as well as the method for this simulations. Any recommendation?


  • Are you solving conduction of heat in the can?

    Please stick to a pressure-based solver. Also, are you modeling any flow in the can? Natural convection?

    If you are new to Fluent, I'd strongly recommend watching a few Fluent Tutorials on YouTube related to modeling heat transfer. This will greatly help you understand the 'how-to'.

    I hope this helps.



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