Simulating a Point Load on a wing

Hello, I am currently trying to simulate flow around a wing with a payload mass in its center. I believe the correct way to do this is to implement a point load in the meshing portion of fluent but cannot find the option or tool to allow me to do so. I am not sure if there is an issue with my geometry, as I simply imported the wing with the airfoil extrude from a solidworks file into the SpaceClaim geometry section of the analysis. I am not sure if I need to create an alternative axis so that I may put a vertex to have the force simulated on but many outdated tutorial and walkthroughs using older versions of ANSYS simply right click on the mesh, and click insert, and then add force. This is not an option on this newer version of ANSYS so if there is anyway someone can help me just implement a point load on a wing and run a simulation over the wing that would be very helpful. Thank you.



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