Solution not converging

Hi! I'm simulating a liquid in a heated container. There are no inlet or outlet and the boundary condition temperature of wall = constant 120oC.

This is the convergence graph. Everything [continuity, x,y,x velocity and energy] is constant at that value. Any advice on what to change?


  • Could you please help me understand what you are attempting to model? Are you solving a Natural Convection model? If you are doing this, please make sure you have gravity turned on. If this is not the case, please elaborate on what you are attempting to model.



  • Hi! Thank you for replying. I am trying to see the temperature and velocity profile of a milk inside a can, heated from all directions. The geometry is a simple cylinder and filled with milk (no headspace). I have set the walls, top and bottom of the can to be at a fixed temperature of 120oC. I have turned on the gravity y = -9.81. This is the screenshot of another attempt of calculation that i did.

    It mentioned that it has converged at the first 5 iterations, but suddenly it didnt. There's this message on the report as well " temperature limited to 5.000000e+03 in 17321 cells on zone 2 in domain 1". From what I look up from the forums, the message usually doesnt really affect anything and I have checked my mesh (since its a simple cylinder). So i'm not too sure what is wrong with my setup. Hope that you can advise! @Kremella

  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator

    What are you using for the milk density?

  • @Rob I am using piecewise-linear data set. It only has 6 data for 10oC to 60oC.

  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator

    OK, so, given the volume is fixed and density changes with temperature (milk expands) where does the "extra" volume go?

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