Mesh problem. Help please

Dear collegues,

I am doing my pre-doctoral project working simulating a kayak.

The problem I got is that, when I try to mesh, I got this:

The model looks good, but the problem is when I mesh. Here is my model:

What could I do?

Thank you very much !!!

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  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
    edited September 2020


    Did you manage to close the surface model and get a solid body for the kayak before you created the Enclosure for the Fluid Domains?

    Did you split the Fluid Domains at the waterline? That plane could also split the kayak.

    Then you can use Shared Topology to put the kayak pieces back together.

  • Dear Rkumbhar,

    it was due to the solid.

    I fixed it in a design program and then introduced it again in Ansys and It worked!


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