Transient pre-stressed analysis

Hello to everyone,

I am working with a shock-impulse simulation. I'd like to do a Transient simulation. My model has pre-compressed sponges, this means that I must resolve a frictional contact in order to have the sponges in compression state. I thought that It was possible to do a Static Strcutural Analisys and link the solution with the Setup of Transient block (It is not possible).

I thought to do the same simulation of static structural analysis inside the Transient block in this way:

1) First step - No integration time and simulation for solving the frictional contact with penetration between Sponges and Top cover (With the same setup of Static Structural Analysis).

2) Second Step - Application of Shock impulse and activation of the time integration .

I state that the simulation inside the Static Strcutural block works and no problem of convergence occurs.

Inside the Transient block, during the first step the simulation does not converge but I can't understand which is the reason, becasue the conditions are the same of the Static Strcutural simulation. Maybe the solver of Transient block is not the same of Static Structural one?

Thank you



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