Validating Drucker Prager Results from Abaqus in Ansys

Hi Cool members, recently I was trying to validate the v.mises results of a silicone cutting by diamond tool.

The author has used abaqus but I'm not abaqus fan and have never used it.

The table which states the Drucker Prager constitutive model of Silicone has the following data:

1. Density

2. Elastic Modulus

3. Poison's Ratio

4. Initial yield

5. Friction Angle

6. Dilation Angle and

7. K

When I tried to construct the model in ANSYS EXPLICIT DYNAMICS as drucker prager strength linear, it only asks for dp strength value linear (which I don't have), yield stress at zero pressure and slope in degrees (I don't know if it's friction angle or dilation angle).

Please help me impose those given values by author into my DP model in ANSYS.

Thanks as always.


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