Explicit Dynamic Result View


I am running a Ansys Explicit analysis its shows 100 hours to finish the solution. Can i see the deformation or stress values in between.

I want to check the result every one hour means what i want to do, any options are there to find the result?


  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
    edited September 27

    You can click the yellow Pause button on the bottom of the window. Don't click the red Stop button, that will discard the results computed so far.

    It may take a minute to complete the Pause request.

    Now you can plot the deformation or stress as you would normally.

    To resume the simulation from the place you paused, you must click on Analysis Settings and on the Resume From Cycle line, pull down and select the last number in the list. The default is 0 which is to start from the beginning. Once you have selected the last number, click Solve.

  • mjimji Forum Coordinator

    In Explicit Dynamics, you may insert a a Result Plot Tracker, the right-click context menu options enable you to either (1) acquire result data for the current time point or (2) set the tracker to update automatically.

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