solver error time step too small

Hello, Im brazilian, so im sorry if my english is not so good.

Im trying to simulate a frontal milling process and im facing the error: solver error time step too small

ive already read lots of discussions and none of them helped well.

follow below some screens of my analysis


  • mjimji Forum Coordinator

    You can add some mass scaling, you have the Minimum CFL time step as 1E-20, which equivalent to not using mass scaling.

  • cxquancxquan Berkeley, CAForum Coordinator

    Since you are simulating milling process, it is possible to have material failed and mesh distorted in the milling process. Make sure failure criterion is added to the material to accurately predict material strength and erosion control is on to remove distorted elements.

  • @mji how do I add mass scaling? ive already set that option to Yes befor, and the error persisted

  • @cxquan I'm a beginner at ANSYS analysis, how do I add a failure criterion?

  • mrifemrife PHLForum Coordinator

    @luanzzola Hi. Regarding the Analysis Settings Details. The Initial and Minimum time step size are set to 'Program Controlled'. The Minimum time step size will therefor be defined as 1/10 of the initial time step size. You can manually change the minimum time step size. From the screen shot you provided the initial time step size was somewhat less than 1.527E-8.

    For more information on adding a failure criterion, please start here; Ansys Help -> Mechanical Application 2020 R2 -> Explicit Dynamics Analysis Guide -> Chapter Explicit Dynamics Erosion Controls. Some of the failure criteria are defined here. Some are activated here but are defined elsewhere, for example a failure criteria defined in a material model.

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