Error with Menetry-William concrete model

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Hello everyone!

I am trying to simulate reverse cyclic loading with ANSYS for my master's thesis work, I have used SOLID65, Microplane etc models in the past but recently it has come to my information that latest 2020 R2 update has enabled usage of MW model with inbuilt reinforcement models, hence I wanted to try it out.

For starter, I tried to simulate a simple RC beam problem but it did not run successfully, so I have modelled a simple cube of 100mm to study the behaviour of MW model and following properties were assigned.

However even for small displacement, the beam model does not converge at all.

Kindly guide me in regards to usage of this model with reinforcements.

Is there any technique to define the reinforcement material? I setup a model with isotropic + BISO properties for reinforcement, yet it did not work and failed to converge.

Thanks in advance!


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