HFSS Scripting Error ('GetDataExpressions()') method is not working

I am facing errors when using some of the methods provided in "Reporter Editor Script Commands" Module. I have attached the script that I tried to execute which causes the execution errors.

oProject = oDesktop.GetActiveProject()
oDesign = oProject.GetActiveDesign()
oDesign = oProject.SetActiveDesign(oDesign.GetName())
oModule = oDesign.GetModule('ReportSetup') 
expressions = oModule.GetDataExpressions()

"MissingMemberException: 'IDispatch' object has no attribute 'GetDataExpressions'"

The same issue is happening with most of the methods provided in this module. I have listed a few of them as follows:

GetSweepValues, GetDataUnits, GetDesignVariableNames, GetSolutionDataPerVariation

If anyone how to use these methods properly in order to get the plot data without exporting it into a file, please respond to this question.


  • AndyJPAndyJP Member

    actually, I would love to see a solution myself. setting design variables is described, and can be generated using script wizzard. But building object references for reading report values is not covered in manuals.

  • rtkrtk Pune, IndiaForum Coordinator

    Hello Mahesh-

    The above mentioned error is because the Module 'ReportSetup' cannot handle these set of attributes/functionalities.

    As per the script that you have written, it should return the values.

    Let us work on this with some expertise team and will get back to you!

    Beat Regards,

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