Modal Analysis

I have relatively big modal analysis model in terms of the size. In total there are 4 pieces in assembly which are all connected to each other (assume connection to be a dash, A-B-C-D where D is fixed on the end). I am only interested in modes of "C". Is it possible to only output "C" modal results?

Right now i am running full model and i am getting a lot of modal results which needs to be screened over 0-1000hrz range, it takes awfully long time to solve and i am wondering if there is alternative way to do this?


  • akhemkaakhemka Forum Coordinator

    Hi @Kerber ,

    You can try simplifying your model. Using a coarse mesh, omitting the parts that may not be contributing significanty into the part of interest may be useful. Also try to limit the modes to search. For example say you see tyhe first mode of interest for part C is around 500Hz then limit the search to 500-1000Hz.

    Please see if this helps.


    Ashish Khemka

  • Thank you Ashish, eventually i did that and i went one bit further. I created model ranges of 100hrs from 0-1000hrz. it helped that our company has remote High Computers to use when needed.

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