Node numbers are different in Fluent and Structural - Why?


I am running a Workbench simulation with the below project schematic. I have been exporting results from Fluent and Transient Structural by node number, but I noticed that the node number do not line up (even though they share the same mesh).

Why are the nodes numbered differently in Fluent and Transient Structural? Also, why are there more nodes in Transient Structural?

I understand that there are different ways of exporting data. I was just hoping to get a better insight of what exactly is going on in the simulation.

Thanks so much!

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  • We want to know whether we are importing the static or total temperatures and pressures when we used the feature that allows us to import loads in transient structural.

  • The node numbers would be different. However, try to plot the imported loads in Mechanical and compare them with your obtained solution from Ansys Fluent. These results should more or less match (depends on the interpolation and base mesh you are using).

    I hope this helps.



  • Thank you, Kremella.

    How do I list or plot the imported loads in Transient Structural?

    I have tried inserting command objects like the following, but the values of pressure and temperature are all printed as zero.

    The same code written as text instead of an image:


    *GET,numOfNode,NODE,0,COUNT ! Find the number of nodes in the selection

    *CFOPEN,TandPFromStruct_Node,txt ! Create a text file



    selNode=NDNEXT(selNode) ! Advances to the next highest node in the selection

    *VWRITE,selNode,NX(selNode),NY(selNode),NZ(selNode),PRES(selNode),TEMP(selNode) ! Printing data into txt file

    (ES20.5,ES20.5,ES20.5,ES20.5,ES20.5,ES20.5) ! Fortran notation




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