How do I parameterize a User Defined RVE?

I am trying to determine the relationship between a design parameter (in this case the diameter of the cylinder cut outs, see picture) and the resulting material properties. I was originally just setting all of these models up by hand in mechanical and doing the math myself to find average Young's modulus and Poisson ration, but then I found Material Designer. However, the only way that I have found to use a User Defined RVE geometry was to copy and paste a body from SpaceClaim (as suggested in This means that I can't (a) import parameters from a CAD model (only in Design Modeler) and (b) I can't iterate over multiple diameters. Am I missing a step in Material Designer that allows me to work either with Design Modeler (so I can import dimensions) or to import data from a Geometry or Parameters cell?

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  • jjdoylejjdoyle PittsburghMember

    Hi MBenn:

    Could you use "Variable Material Solver" to parameterize the feature of interest and solve for multiple design points?

    See Section 2.5 of the Material Designer Online Doc.



  • The problem is that I can't import a parameterized model, so there are no parameters over which to iterate. My plan was to use this tool, but I can't get the setup right. I was able to use this tool with other types of Material Designer RVEs, just not for User Designed RVE.

  • @jjdoyle Are there any ways to import parameterized Design Modeler files into Material Designer? I have had success running variable tests on different types of Material Designer RVEs, just not for User Designed RVEs.

  • @jjdoyle Oh I see. Do you know if this is something that will be added in future iterations of the Material Designer?

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