Wrong results in output

Hello everybody,

I'm performing a static structural simulation which includes a temperature variation and a displacement applied to a specimen which should represent the central part of an hourglass specimen. You can find a picture attached. I'm applying simmetry boundary conditions to all the faces and I'm applying the displacement on the top face(A on the picture).

The simulation is a non linear one.

The problem is that I should get the maximum stress at the center of the specimen so bottom part of the reduced specimen model but I get it on the outer part. If I model the full speciment I get the right position of the maximum stress but modeling this small part I get wrong results. Any idea why?



  • KaiKai Forum Coordinator

    Hi @AlexAri , do you have a picture of the full model? Are you trying to model the compression of the specimen? (one end fixed, and one end under compression)? Also, the second image you pasted was strain, not stress plot.

  • Hi, on one end the displacement is applied and on the other end the displacement in the direction of the load is restrained. And I also put a picture of a bigger part of the model 1/8 of the full model.

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