Ansys WB 19.2 steady-State Thermal - Heat/ Heat flux through an internal surface


Hello everybody,

I have a problem evaluating my simulations and hope you can help me. I use the WB 19.2 and here the steady state thermal analysis.

my simulation model (see picture below): My simulation model consists of three parts, an inner and an outer body made of metal and the inner one being surrounded by a fluid. Only heat conduction should be considered (first), therefore I am using the steady state thermal analysis. The inner body has vertical shafts and on the walls of them heat is applied as a boundary condition. The bottom of the outer body is to be regarded as isolated, the remaining surfaces of the outer body have a convection boundary condition.

I want to vary the thickness of the fluid layers (top, bottom, radial) and compare the proportions of the heat flows that leave the surfaces of the inner body up, down and radially.

My problem: I cannot get the heat flows I am looking for. I have tried all of the following unsuccessful variants both with individual bodies connected via contacts, as well as with only one body in which I have combined all individual bodies in the 3D modeller:

  • solution> insert> thermal> total heat flux // The sum of the heat flows sought is significantly greater than the input. could be because numerical counterflows are also accounted for.
  • solution> insert> thermal> directional heat flux // The sum of the heat flows sought is significantly greater than the input. Inserting a cylindrical coordinate system has not changed anything. could also be due to the fact that numerical counterflows are also accounted for.
  • solution> insert> contact tool // here only the desired surface is selected and then the heat flow of the surface can be output in the contact tool. That didn't work either.
  • solution> insert> probe> heat flux // an evaluation for each of the three surfaces, without success.
  • solution> insert> probe> reaction // here I didn't even manage to get the heat or the heat flows out. Depending on the procedure, I have the error message: "You have chosen an invalid result for the current analysis" or "You have a result that is attached to an entity shared by more than one body. The solution cannot proceed until this is fixed." receive.

I'm still trying to solve the problem, but it would be very helpful to get one or two tips .

Thanks already once!


  • KaiKai Forum Coordinator

    Hi @MaRo88 , did you save "nodal force" under Analysis setting -> Output Control? You can retrieve heat flow from a geometry with probe -> reaction, but this requires you to save nodal force before solving the model.

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