Message: Not all Named Selection were successfully written

Not all Named Selection were successfully written. How to resolve this message?


  • ChetaCheta Forum Coordinator

    Regarding your this query about Named Selection, it seems that "." can be causing the problem. For defining names of the Named Selection, "." is not supported. If you replace "." with "_" then it will solve the issue.

    You can also check some rules for naming them as instructed below before sending them to Mechanical APDL solver;

    1) A name exceeding 32 characters is truncated.

    2) A name that begins with a number, space, hyphen, or parenthesis character, is renamed to include “C_” before the character in APDL.

    Spaces, hyphens, or parentheses between characters in a name are replaced with underscores in APDL.

    3) Named selections starting with ALL STAT or DEFA will not be sent to the Mechanical APDL application.

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