Transfer solid model loads to FE model in APDL

How to transfer Solid Model Loads to FE Model in APDL?


  • ChetaCheta Forum Coordinator

    In APDL, whenever you define any loading on your solid model (ie at geometry level) those get transferred to FEA (ie at Nodes/Elements) automatically when you solve the model.

    However, if you still want to see if the loads are being transferred correctly or not, you can use following command (SBCTRAN) before solving the case,

    Main Menu>Preprocessor>Loads>Define Loads>Operate>Transfer to FE>All Solid Lds

    This will transfer all your loads on the FEA and then using DLIST/FLIST type of commands you can see that the load is correctly assigned to all the nodes corresponding to that Volume/Area/Line.

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