Error Encountered in Calculating Conduction Path for Permanent Magnet Simulation

I've been trying to run a simulation to view the magnetic field of an NdFeB magnet. Until recently I was able to finish even the simplest simulation, but now everything I run keeps failing. The error says the program couldnt calculate the conduction path, but doesnt give me any further details. The physics portion of the simulation also cant be rerun.

I've reinstalled ANSYS, but it still hasn't solved the problem. It even fails simulating a single magnet. Is there a way I can fix this? I'm currently using the student version.


  • icellb1icellb1 Forum Coordinator

    Hi, @ajrenzetti1

    Could you provide more details about how you problem? What does you model look like? How did you assign excitation? After what operation did the error start to occur? It would be great if you can provide screenshots.

  • It seems the error is related to the October Windows update. I had rolled back my update to its previous version and everything worked again. Now, however, I'm forced to install the update, and once again the same thing is happening. Its a generic NdFe35 magnet imported from the Ansys material database, with a specified field direction (blue arrow). The model was an imported parasolid (although I also tried Step files too), and the bounding box autogenerated in ansys and assigned as air. Thats it. I had been able to run this exact setup countless times before that stupid Windows update, and now it no longer works.

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