Issues importing Fluent pressure results into static structural


I am having inconsistent results when exporting static pressure results from fluent to static structural. Sometimes it has worked, but usually is yields profiles such as the following. I was wondering if anyone know why this might be occurring and how address it?

When it works, the profile should appear like the following:

The process I am using to export results:

1). In Fluent, I export the solution data into an ASCII file:

2). I load the file into External Data as follows:

3). In static structural:


  • rkumbharrkumbhar PuneForum Coordinator

    Hi @RGDiscovery Please check if the units systems are consitent. IN first image the max pressure value appears very different than the second image

  • Thank you, rkumbhar.

    The unit systems are consistent, but this does not appear to be the issue.

    The reason why the first image has low pressure values is because I imported the dynamic pressure. Sorry, it was confusing to include this image.

    A better image, where I imported the total pressure, is below. I have similar issues with static pressure.

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