Non-convergence caused by material properties

I am trying to simulate the tensile testing of a non-standard geometry sample. The model has been converted to a surface, and simplified to the form shown below:

Custom material properties have been specified:

Symmetry has been applied to the width of the sample. 2 holes on the right are fixed, while the 2 on the left are given a displacement of 5x 0.28mm to the left.

The model solves fine when I use the provided materials: structural steel and aluminum alloy NL. But with the custom properties, the model diverges after 4%. I suspect this is an issue with material properties, but am not sure which property, or lack of properties is causing it.

The custom material is a unidirectional polymer sheet, hence the orthotropic properties. The properties are referenced from a research article. I have found different values for the same material from other articles involving different simulations.

Could it be that the properties I have chosen are not suitable for my model? Could the non-convergence be solved by changing pre-processing parameters?


  • KaiKai Forum Coordinator

    @jinglun , non-convergence can be caused by many factors, so troubleshooting this issue typically needs looking into the details of the model setup. I recommend that you plot the newton raphson residual force to locate the area of non-convergence. In addition, what time step size are you using? Can you use auto time step and assign a large number of time step (e.g, 1000) so that Ansys can adjust time step size when non-convergence is encountered.

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