Ignore error messages and continue simulation

I have a very resources-intensive simulation divided in two parts that take about 5 hours each. I usually run it in the night, right before leaving work, to have the results in the morning.

Lately, I've been running a run and I always get this error between the first simulation and the second:

This is an insignificant error message I usually ignore. The problem is that I have to manually click the "ok" button to go on with the runs, and if I don't I find it in the morning with half of the simulation still to go.

Is there a way to ignore this error message or simply to auto-click the "ok" or close it somehow?


  • Hello,

    Close the session of ANSYS. Open My Computer and in the address bar type %appdata% and hit enter. Rename the folder Ansys to Ansys.bak. Launch the WB session again (a new Ansys folder will get created automatically) and try to solve your model. Please let me know if this resolves the issue.



  • fdinhfdinh Member

    Thanks! I'll try it as soon as I stop my current sim and I'll let you know.

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