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I am currently working on my master thesis. I am simulating a laboratory with three microscopes an three associated power supplies. Each microscope and power supply has a cooling unit. In the simulation the cooling units are defined as massflow outlet (entry in the cooling unit) and massflow inlet (exit of the cooling unit).

I'd like to use a expression for a constant temperatur rise (30 K or heat flux) of the massflow inlet (exit of the cooling unit) depending (transient project) on the outlet temperature of theassociated outlet for each cooling unit.

I know there is the function of recirculation boundray conditions ( This function is exactly that I need, but it only works for one inlet and outlet.

My first approach to use the expression editor looks like this, but I am not experienced at using the expression synthax at all.

Thank you for the help!

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  • In the second step I want to expand the setup by a mixture model. Is it possible to use an expression for the volume fraction of the mass-flow-rate for two fluids in this recirculation context?



  • Hello Surya,

    thanks for your reply. I made it work with the following expressions for the inlets


    Average(MassFraction(species = 'tracer'), ['mikroskop_1_luefter_ansaugung'])



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