How to convert SHEETS to SOLID to assign material?

At the time of import this structure, instead of SOLID, the main helical structure is assigned as SHEET. can I convert that sheet to solid?? If so, How to convert?


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    Hello -

    You can go for 'thicken sheet' option in order to make the sheets as solids.

    Workflow : Select the sheet ->>Modeler->>Surface->>Thicken Sheet. Give the adequate thickness (single side or both side) as per requirement. This allows you to assign materials as well.

    For more details on this, please refer the HFSS help document.

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  • Thank you, thanks a lot..

  • AndyJPAndyJP Member
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    Generally, you can not convert such a complex surface in HFSS's editor. But you can try

    -heal the model with tolerance for holes. it will srink, deform, but can become a solvable solid.

    - modeller-surfaca-cover faces... for simple parallel surfaces it closes gaps... but in the spiral, will probably fail.

    - use external editor, like Rhyno3D for fixing the model, then exporting it as IGES, or in other reliable format.

  • P.S. I afraid, thicken-sheet is not applicable here, unless you want to create a kind of hollow tube.

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