Need help understanding an error in Fatigue Module

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I’m experiencing a problem with Fatigue Module and need help understanding if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s a software bug. Let me explain.

I’m simulating the strain-based fatigue life of a Ti6Al4v part. The material properties were taken from the paper “Fatigue behavior of Ti-6Al-4V ELI including mean stress effects (Patricio E. Carrion et al, 2017)” as seen on the picture.


The problem lies in the value of the Cyclic strain hardening exponent (n’) being 0.017. I performed a series of tests and Ansys does not seem to accept values below 0.03 regardless of other material properties or the case being studied, always resulting in the generic “An error occurred inside the FATIGUE module.”

I initially thought it was a problem with the value reported in the article, but the “A study of fatigue notch sensibility on titanium alloy TiAl6V4 parts manufactured by selective laser melting (L.P. Borrego, 2018)” finds similar results, as seen on the picture.


In order to verify if the problem is solvable, I used the calculator found on which gives the same results as Ansys Fatigue Module for the problem with n’>0.03 and can solve the problem for n’<0.03 were fatigue Module can’t.


So, is this a bug on Ansys or I’m missing something? Can anybody replicate this error for a generic problem and material with n<0.03?

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  • Hi Daniel, I am very grateful for your answer!

    I believe that the points you raised may be the difficulties encountered by the software.

    Thank you!

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    you're welcome. sorry for the double posting. must have been a computer glitch.

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