Suppress a feature mid-simulation during transient

I have a transient study in which I turn on some heaters to heat up certain elements and then shut them down to study the temperature evolution.

Since I want to control the temperature it's much easier for me to set a given temperature to some elements (ramp up and keep a certain T for n hours), then I'd want to stop controlling the temperature of those elements, to see the evolution (there will be some radiation heat exchange and a water stream to cool down the system).

What I've been doing until now was to set two transient studies: one with an imposed temperature following the ramp and steady state, then a second identical one, getting the results from the first study, but without imposed temperature.

Is this the correct approach? Could I simply perform a single study, with a condition "suppress temperature feature" at time t? I guess this might be doable with APDL, but I've never used it (though I'm interested in learning it).


  • Hello,

    I don't completely understand why you are running it as two separate simulations. Why can you not run a single simulation for this?

    Could you please elaborate on what you are attempting to do?



  • fdinhfdinh Member

    If you look at the graph above, the reason I have to run two simulation is that for the first part (the ramp and the plateau) the temperature is strictly imposed, I want my bodies to follow a certain trend.

    In the second part I want to see how the temperature of the bodies evolve based on the heat exchange with other bodies (there's radiation principally and a bit of convection). For this reason, i cannot have an imposed temperature as a condition, because that would constrain me: I want it as a free parameter.

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