How to use uniaxial tension and compression data for rubber?

I have uniaxial tension and compression test data. How do I use this to model rubber materials?


  • HuiLiuHuiLiu Forum Coordinator

    One can use test data directly with the Response Function Hyperelastic model. This does not require any curve-fitting and will use the data exactly. One would separate and enter the uniaxial tension and compression data directly. One also need to define the compressibility either by including pressure-volume test data or specifying the material compressibility parameter. Details of the Response Function Hyperelastic model can be found in the ANSYS Help sections below: 

    Curve-fit to hyperelastic model: If one wish to perform curve-fitting on predefined hyperelastic models,then include both compression and tension in the "uniaxial test data". Be sure to just put the values in ascending order, and there should be a (0,0) data point.

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