I doubt of this two meaning of Yield stress and Yield strength in this two hardening

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Dear colleague

In the material properties window as shown here, two meanings of Yield stress and strength is it make different sense or same meaning here?

Yield strength in the BIH is Ultimate strength and bottom one is yield stress of material is it right or is there any other meaning with it?

Could you please explain with it.

Thank you so much


  • sharveysharvey San Diego, CAMember


    Thank you for your question and your patience. The Yield Strength in the Bilinear Isotropic Hardening is the yield point as I have circled here. It is not the ultimate strength.

    For the Chaboche material model, the yield stress is the initial yield stress.

    If you combine the two material models you can simulate cyclic hardening.

    Please let us know if this answers your question. Thank you.



  • Dear sharvey

    I am sorry.

    What do you mean combine two material models? Could you explain a little bit detail?

    Thank you


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