ground definition for a car analysis


I want to define a road where the rims has a certain distance to it. I mean I want to put my car on a road but I do not know how to connect or give constraints to them. Fixed btw them? or displacement? I just want to give my model weight on a surface. Otherwise, I am not sure that the solver will get the constraint btw road and rim. (I am not using the wheels in the analysis, just rims) Could you help me please?


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    Can you please elaborate in more details as to what kind of analysis is this, static or transient structural? What is the goal of the simulation?

    I believe your question is what kind of contact setting you need between the wheel and road? One can use frictional contact settimg.

  • Yes, I want to give a contact between the road and rims, not the tires. So frictional contact is not suitable for rims and road. That's why, I am trying to find another way like displacement constraint or movement constraint.

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    You could make a frictional contact between the rims and the road. The road will be on the Target side and a rim circular edge will be on the Contact side. In the contact definition, use an Offset equal to the tire height. In the contact definition, you can set the Normal Contact Stiffness to Absolute Value then enter the stiffness of the tire.

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