Help with MPC contact warning message

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What does the following warning mean?

"One or more MPC contact regions or remote boundary conditions may have conflicts with other applied boundary conditions or other contact or symmetry regions. This may reduce solution accuracy."

Do I have to worry about this warning message?



  • HuiLiuHuiLiu Forum Coordinator

    This can happen when some of the same geometry scopings are selected for MPC contacts or for any remote constraints, such as joints, remote force/displacement, point mass, remote points.   Rigid bodies can also trigger the warning with the way Ansys internally connects them to the point  mass at the centroid. This warning may not mean anything to the solution, or it may mean one of each pair of conflicting boundary conditions gets deactivated.  So one should at least understand what is causing it. Go to "Solution information" and switch to the Graphics tab to see the red connection lines. Check for multiple connections to the same  geometry entities. For contacts, one can right click on the Connections branch and choose. "Check Overlapping Contact Regions." Here is a typical warning in the Solution Information if a constraint was deactivated, which is the worst case scenario:  "*WARNING*: No MPC equations were built for the contact pair identified  by real constant set 5 due to overconstraint detection logic. Please  check your model carefully." Click on the Solution Information. Press ctrl-F to search. Search for unique text in this warning that doesn't include specific model information  like a real constant set number, such as "overconstraint detection logic" or "No MPC equations". If no constraints were deactivated, then one can probably ignore the warning

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