Unexpected penetration of striker (Charpy Test) in SPH Form 12 Specimen - LS-DYNA


I am performing the Charpy Impact test on a Nickel Based Superalloy Inconel 718. I used SPH Form 0 initially in LS-DYNA however, the specimen fractured based on tensile instability. So I decided to use Form 12 which is expected to take care of Tensile Instability.

Using Form 0, there is no penetration of the 5 m/s striker, however with the Form 12, the striker is going through the specimen.

Can you kindly indicate where I am going wrong. The picture shows the difference.

Thank you,



  • cxquancxquan Berkeley, CAForum Coordinator

    Make sure the material model of the Nickle Alloy has damage or failure criterion. If not, use *Mat_Add_Erosion to add material failure model to the Nickle so its material strength will not be over-predicted.

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