Please if Any one knowing these values for concrete non linear behaviour ? thanks


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    These describe the stress strain curve for compression and tension resp. for the concrete you are looking at so you will need to find those.

    For more info see the help manual (search and look the details of the Menetrey-Willam model), and technology examples 49 and 54 I believe - in the input files you can get an idea how they can be described, but of course in the end of the day it needs to be done by you since you know the stress strain curves for your concrete, so this example is only and example for your reference only, so it is not the exact data that you need to enter.

  • @ekostson can you please send a screen shot of these value as a rough estimate so i can find for my onw model also ? i will be more thankful

  • @ekostson did you mean these values can be find from concrete cylinder test data ?

  • As I said look in the help manual, just search for the Mentrey-Willam, or Drucker Prager concrete material model and read through that information. In the help manual you can see the stress strain curves and also how these parameters that you show in your image relate to these curves. It is upto you to find them of course. This a final comment and I can not advice anymore on this, since it is material properties you need to have, and something we can not of course provide. Thank you. Erik

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