CFD Analysis over 3D diverter

Hey everyone,

Good day, I am conducting an analysis with the intend of finding the velocity of flow over a diverter from a nozzle, but I could not seem to set the boundary conditions as intended.

I have attached a 3D file that I used.

I would appreciate any feedback and advice provided.



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  • DrAmineDrAmine GermanyForum Coordinator

    Can you highlight inflow and all other boundaries used? (PS: Ansys Stuff do not look into attachments)

  • jjyy555jjyy555 Member
    edited October 14

    Hey DrAmine,

    so far I have set the inlet and outlet, with inlet gauge pressure of 68 Bar and 0 m/s.

    I wanted the plot a velocity pathline as affected by the diverter but could not seem to generate any movement within the flow.

  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator

    Try adding a velocity to the inlet: you set 0m/s?

  • Hey Rob, yes I have tried changing the inlet velocity as well but to no avail.

  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator

    Can you check the inlet is actually attached to the domain. Carefully looking at your boundary conditions I can't see an inlet; I can see several mesh interfaces so I wonder if your inlet isn't actually doing anything.

  • I assigned the wall at that location to be the inlet, don't suppose that interface is connected to the domain?

    If possible, can I trouble you with a ZOOM chat on Monday?

  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator

    We're only able to communicate via the Forum: this protects us from US Export Law.

    If you have an interface there I think you're adding material into a different part of the domain. Go back to the CAD and use Share Topology (SpaceClaim) or create a Multibody part (DesignModeler) and it may be easier to set up.

  • Alright, will try. Many thanks.

    Just a note, I initially designed the components in Autodesk Inventor then exported the file as a .igs file.

  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator
    edited October 19

    That's fine, you can still do share topo and the like in the Ansys geometry tools. We often use CAD from third party software for projects. Try using Step format, IGES is notorious for being awful.

  • Thanks for heads up, I did not change anything but a wall went missing and I just reassigned the inlet and finally got a plot of some kind.

    I am currently using pathline and it does not let me run it frame by frame to look at the movement, is there a way to add pathlines to scenes?

  • jjyy555jjyy555 Member

    Thanks Rob, I think I got most of what I need.


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