interconnect log shows client connected, but flexlm log does not

User can't check out a Ansys license. Interconnect log shows the following 4 lines, but no corresponding log file entries in flexlm log. Flexlm v11.16.4.0, Ansys 2020R1 I asked user to disable her firewall temporarily, then try to run Ansys, but still could not check out a license.

2020/10/11 15:46:18   CLIENT_ACCEPT                                                                                27/137/28820/28820                                                                             51:    

2020/10/11 15:46:18   CLIENT_CONNECT                                                                               27/137/28820/28820  15116:15116:[email protected]:winx64                             51:    

2020/10/11 15:46:19   EXISTS             GRANTA_SIMDATA                 20.1 (2019.1030)                         27/137/28820/28820  15116:15116:GRANTA_SIMDATA:[email protected]:winx64              51:    

2020/10/11 15:46:26   CLIENT_EXIT                                                                                  26/137/28820/28820  15116:15116:GRANTA_SIMDATA:[email protected]


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  • Thanks for the hint to look at the client's log files. I did not know where to find them. Once I looked at the logs, I found the "Host not found" error. Looking closer at the host I noticed a typo in the host name I hand not noticed before when looking at the other screen shots she had sent me when trying to debug the problem. Given the typo, I am surprised to see any entries at all in my servers interconnect log. Regardless, probloem solved. Thank

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