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Hello, I'm new in the forum and I got two questions. At the first place I would to apologize if this isn't the right forum to ask these questions, but here I go:

------------------------------ Question 1 ----------------------------------------------------

I'm modelling a plate with a hole under plane stress, which is tension in both x and y directions and also shear in the XY plane.

To run this model I have to turn off Solver Pivot Checking. My question is this: What would be "the proper way" to set up this model? In other words, what displacements restrictions should I use?

------------------------------ Question 2 ----------------------------------------------------

In the same problem, I would like to change just one of each value of sigmax, sigmay and tauxy instead of changing 2 , 2 and 4 respectively. Is there "a shortcut" to do this in a shorter way? May be adding an APDL command or something.

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