FLUENT doesn't start


unfortunately I have a problem with starting the software FLUENT.

I also made a screenshot of the messages occurring in the Fluent console:

I have already tried the following things:

-) updated Windows 10

-) updated 15 drivers

-) deactivated firewall and antivirus software

-) deinstalled and reinstalled ANSYS


But unfortunately the problem persists, and FLUENT doesn't start.

I have only installed ANSYS student software, Version 2019 R3.

Maybe you can help me!


Best regards,



  • mmadoremmadore Forum Coordinator

    Are you connected to a VPN? This issue is most often associated with a VPN connection, there is a trick in newer versions of Fluent (2019 R1 and newer) when encountering this issue with MPI. In Fluent Launcher, select Show More Options -> Parallel Settings -> MPI Type: msmpi , Select IP Interface You may also try running while disconnected from the VPN.

  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator

    The licence for 2019R3 expired in August, what happens if you install 2020R2, or follow the instructions to update the licence?

  • @Rob I have already updated the license - I even had to do this, because ANSYS as a whole didn't work anymore at the beginning of September. I would like to continue my ANSYS introduction course on edX with 2019 R3, but if there is no other solution, I will try with 2020 R2. Thank you!

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