Meshing Error - Data Centre Modelling

I am new to Fluent, trying to simulate a data center. Using ANSYS Fluent Meshing 2020 R1 ACADEMIC version, I got the following error

Error: Scoped Prism smooth-transition_3 is trying to reset settings applied on zones. Please fix this problem before proceeding

In the space claim model I have created an enclosure around the Racks, CRACs and Tiles (these three are suppressed for physics but the floor is not suppressed).

Please find the attached space claim model file.


  • Hello,

    As Ansys employees, we will not be able to download any attachments from the learning forum. Please attach the screenshots directly in your post.

    Could you please post a screenshot of your meshing? What are your Boundary Layer mesh settings?



  • Hi Karthik,

    Thank you for your response. I am trying to simulate a bench mark case in the research paper "Three computational methods for analysing thermal airflow distributions in the cooling of data centres". Please find below the screenshot from the research paper

    The following is the space claim model that I have created. I have also created an enclosure around the model for the fluid domain

    I have split the enclosure into two to represent the above floor fluid domain and the plenum. I could not complete the meshing due the errors. I used default settings without any local sizing, in fluent mosaic meshing.

    I have tried following

    1. Suppressed entire racks, CRAC, floor but my named selections disappeared when I suppressed those. I renamed the named selections again. Without the floor the flow occurred through the walls of the rack which was not expected.
    2. Suppressed only racks and CRACS, but meshing errors was observed near the floor.

    Could you please guide me to the good practices for modelling and simulation of data centers? Could you please point out the possible errors in my modelling?

    Thank you,


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