Check particle concentration at various location and effect of filter.

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Change of concentration due to purifier at various location is to be investigated, i.e. change of concentration or mass of pollutant (PM 2.5 and PM 10) at various locations(marked 1 to 6 in attachment). Purifier consists of filters and blower (details are in attachments). I have tried to simulate it in Ansys Fluent Version 19. For defining filter I made filter cell zone as porous medium with constant initial and viscus resistance. I have chosen DPM with constant surface injection.

I am facing issue in finding concentration at a particular location. In report generation I have tried with DPM flux> mass in domain and from known volume I have calculated concentration but it is giving concentration for whole domain not for a particular location. In contour there is a DPM concentration option but that is not considering porous filter effect. I have tried with sampling option also but it is giving some random values.

It will be great help If anyone suggest on this topic.

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  • DrAmineDrAmine GermanyForum Coordinator

    Can you insert the pictures instead of attaching them?

    On which locations you require the information? What about using DPM Sampling? What about using Report Definition and surface integrals?

  • SubhoSubho Member

    @DrAmine Thanks again for your valuable reply. Now I have attached pictures if it is coming proper you can share your mail id I can send you.

    The desired location is numbered from 1 to 6 in picture. As suggested I have tried sampling but values are coming random and coming around constant in different case setup, also I don't have any control over time. For this case I have given time step of 30 seconds but it is giving result from flow time 900 s.

    In report definition I am not finding option to calculate for at particular location. It is giving result for whole domain not for any particular cell zone or plane or point.

    In surface integrals I have not found any option regarding DPM

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