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Hi everybody,

I'm performing a 2D analysis on ansys transient structural. To be more precise i import a temperature field (variable with time) from fluent and then i process on transient structural to get the stress and the strain of the structure itself.

Well i have a problem with the tensional state of the 2D body: i want to get a plain strain while i get a plain stress. I checked on "solution" the mesh element and by default i have SHELL181 which has 6 DOF (UX,UY,UZ,ROTX,ROTY,ROTZ). How can i change the mesh element to a planar element with just the plane dof? For instance PLANE42 or another one with only UX,UY,ROTZ degrees of freedom?

I also tried to import my mesh to mechanical APDL, but i suppose i'm not good at it since i get errors on importing and so on...

Thank in advance!

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  • Thank you for the fast answer.

    By activating the option "plain strain" under Geometry tree i get another error: "The addin does not support transfer of data for 2D models. Please delete the load before you proceed." and so i cannot transfer the information from Fluent to Transient Structural. The imported body temperature is not loaded on Transient structural module and in this way i can't go on with the structural simulation. How can i solve this?

    Thank in advance!

  • @rkumbhar

    Even if i checked this option of "plain strain" i carry on getting the strain along Z different from zero ( z direction is the normal direction of my 2D analysis).

    I read that "plain strain" means automatically that the strain along the normal direction has to be zero, this is not happening. Do i have to check also the KeyOption of the element?

    Thank in advance

  • This is the result with the "plain strain". I'm only computing strain and stress since i'm performing this simulation just to solve the problem. The geometry is very similar to the one of my real problem. But still despite "plain strain" option, i get Zstrain different from zero. What am i doing wrong?

  • rkumbharrkumbhar PuneForum Coordinator

    Hi @francescone96 In order to debug one need to look into the WB file which Ansys employees are not allowed. You can upload the file so other volunteers can pitch in and help. Or you can create a new thread which will be more visible to other volunteers and upload the file there.

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