ANSYS HPC license limitation?

Dear ANSYS team,

I got some problems when running ANSYS on our supercomputer systems. The command to run looks like:

fluent -r20.1.0 3ddp -pshmem -host -t 120 ... ...

However, I got the following errors

Unable to spawn node: license not available.

"ANSYS MANAGER ERROR: Not enough Fluent - HPC licenses 120/100."

I was told that our license has no limit to the size of our ANSYS runs. But there are some online discussion saying that "16 HPC cores are available per license".

I was totally confused!

Could you please clarify

1) What are the "120" and "100" in the error messages?

2) What are the license limitation or how I can check my license limitation?

2) Is there anyway to resolve it?

Thanks a lot,


  • huwanghuwang Forum Coordinator

    run below command, send the outptu messaages, please.

    {installed_path}/ansys_inc/shared_files/licensing/linx64/ansysli_util -printavail

  • mmadoremmadore Forum Coordinator

    120 is the number of cores it is being asked to run on, and 100 appears to be the number of HPC tasks that are available. Can you try running with fewer than 100 cores?

  • Thank you "huwang" and "mmadore" for the quick response.

    1) I do not have (root?) access to our license server but will get the "ansysli_util -printavail" information when possible.

    2) "100 appears to be the number of HPC tasks". This is probably the point.

    The user probably only allocated 100 CPUs in his/her job. Let me see if I can find the information.

    (so it is not a limit from the license, or there is no "16 HPC cores per license limitation".)

  • mmadoremmadore Forum Coordinator

    @yugiohmumi The user selected 120 cores for their job, that's the "-t 120". They need to request fewer tasks as it appears there are only 100 HPC licenses on the server.

    The 16 HPC cores per license isn't a limitation but something that is provided with each license, but they are not cumulative. Each license has access to those 16, but not the 16 from other licenses. So they have access to the 16 and any additional purchased HPC licenses in the license file.

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