Aerodynamics Discovery Day – Final Design Challenge: Pushing the Limit

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Welcome to the discussion page for the Aerodynamics Discovery Day – Final Design Challenge! 

Modern F1 cars use a front wing comprising a collection of small wing elements and vanes to generate downforce to improve handling. The front wing serves the additional purpose of redirecting incoming air around the tires in order to reduce drag.

Just like in the real world, your designs will be constrained by a set of parameters. Your ultimate objective is to maximize the overall downforce on the wing while minimizing the drag. Try to find the highest ratio of downforce to drag. 

The details and files to perform the challenge can be found here.

In this discussion page you can share pictures of your design, discuss your findings with the community and look at what other designs the members of the community came up with! Are you ready to be an F1 design engineer? 


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    Dear Sir/Mam,

    The tutorials showed old version ,

    1. I have selected chart clicked add new

    2 selected geometry and tried to plot but showing error missing a location

    please tell me how to plot Drag and down force in Discovery 2021 r1

  • manideepkilanimanideepkilani Posts: 12Member

    Only able to plot graph on enclosure , or from enclose and geometry planes

    I exactly don't know how to calculate drag and down force from them so, please suggest process or provide any material link

  • mcoderonmcoderon Posts: 97Member


    I am assuming that you are using the explore stage to perform the simulation. In Discovery 2021 R1 you would need to manually define the bodies surfaces as no-slip walls (this step would not be needed in the next release). Under Monitor-> Custom you can select Force as the variable and its direction. Then you can select all of the body faces for the force monitor.

    If you want to use Discovery Live instead you can find it under the previous releases of the Discovery Student products.

  • manideepkilanimanideepkilani Posts: 12Member

    Thanks for your response, I'm facing following issues

    1.     On choosing external flow, after selecting flow inlet and ground the geometry hangs only others options are working for some time unable to undo or select anything and it’s showing as unknown error

    2.     Simulation only works when assigning at least one face of the body as no-slip or free slip , and then after assigning all the inputs to solve I the have to delete the first assigned face then only I'm able to solve

     3.     but unable to get result of body faces alone

     please, find the attached image

  • manideepkilanimanideepkilani Posts: 12Member

    Designed as per regulation volume and size specification

    Thank you

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