Aerodynamics Discovery Day – Final Design Challenge: Pushing the Limit

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Welcome to the discussion page for the Aerodynamics Discovery Day – Final Design Challenge! 

Modern F1 cars use a front wing comprising a collection of small wing elements and vanes to generate downforce to improve handling. The front wing serves the additional purpose of redirecting incoming air around the tires in order to reduce drag.

Just like in the real world, your designs will be constrained by a set of parameters. Your ultimate objective is to maximize the overall downforce on the wing while minimizing the drag. Try to find the highest ratio of downforce to drag. 

The details and files to perform the challenge can be found here.

In this discussion page you can share pictures of your design, discuss your findings with the community and look at what other designs the members of the community came up with! Are you ready to be an F1 design engineer? 

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