Is the building of a firefighting foam viable?

Hello everyone. I was wondering if ANSYS free student software can provide the necessary equipment to build a firefighting foam and test it along with water in fire simulations.


  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator

    It depends. Modelling the foam as a liquid with gas inside will be very hard, modelling the foam as a single fluid is much the same approach as modelling the water.

  • Dear Rob, thank you very much for your answer. Is there any documentation in order to get more familiar with the approach of modelling the water? Finally is there any chance to model water and foam together as a fire suppressant but to add also chemical substances to see the difference?

  • DrAmineDrAmine GermanyForum Coordinator

    Hi, as Rob said hard to describe foam that is why you can consider as one component fluid or multicomponent fluid. Further you might use a power law to describe its RHÉOLOGIE.

    Check this:7th International Conference on Fluid Mechanics, ICFM7

    Foam fluid flow analysis in helical coiled tubing using CFD

  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator

    For modelling the water you possibly want VOF: read the section in the User's and Theory Guide on Multiphase models.

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