How can I make Designmodeler work in my computer?


Hello, I'm Korean who wants to be a post-graduate from next year.

I'd like to work with Workbench to analyze heat transfer and flow.

So I have to know how to operate Workbench, so I'm studying about the way.

I succeeded to download Ansys and Workbench properly. But it can't open DesignModeler in this program.

Only SpaceClaim can be opened but I need DesignModeler for my master's degree.

I clicked Geometry with a right button of mouse, and chose "Edit geometry of Design Modeler"

There is script error which displays Line = 5573, Char = 6, Code = 80004005, Script = ag.listview, and blah blah blah.

I attach a print screenshot to make you understand.

How can I solve this problem? Am I wrong something?

Please let me know how to make DesignModeler open on my computer.


  • I realized that this program for student contains an error which doesn't work well in other's computers too. Does somebody have a same situation with me?? If so, please leave a comment what happened to you and how you solved this problem.

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