Initial gap but closed after applying forces


I am trying to solve a simplified simulation. Consists in a top plate fixed in the short edges. There is a gap of 10mm and another small plate that is bonded to the vertical one whose base is fixed.

I apply a vertical force to the top plate looking for the following sequence: The top plate deflects until touching the small one without penetration. The force is enough for being transmitted to the vertical plate which deflects towards one side.

Using frictionless contact between the two horizontal plates and setting Interface Treatment to Adjust to Touch seems to work. But I have to set 10mm as Pinball Radius so the gap is still there when the deformation occurs. I tried the other contacts too but didn't work.

I am using Static Structural.

Thanks in advance!


  • Don't use Adjust to Touch. That causes the 10 mm gap to become a 0 mm space and means the two parts start the simulation in contact by offsetting a contact surface.

    You want to set the Pinball radius to 20 mm to ensure the contact shows as Near Open in the Contact Tool.

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