How to set up mhd simulation in ansys fluent?

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Hi, I'm trying to simulate magnetohydrodynamic flow in a multiphase VOF analysis using the Fluent MHB add-on. The model is an asymmetrical model. The simulation consists of a reservoir with liquid metal and when a magnetic field is applied to the reservoir (using an electromagnetic coil) pressure inside the reservoir would increase resulting in the liquid metal to flow out of the nozzle.

My question is how would I set up the MHB model. Also if there any simple examples so that I could familiarize myself with the add-on module.

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    Since you are attempting solve a complex physics by coupling MHD with VoF, you might not find a lot of resources on how to set-up the model (unless you look for published papers in open literature). However, you should be able to watch MHD videos and VoF videos (on YouTube) to get started.

    For MHD videos - please search using the following key words "mhd fluent tutorial". The first few results should help you get started.

    There are several VoF tutorials available online. Please use the following keywords when searching for how to set-up VoF models - "VoF Fluent tutorials".

    Here is another example which uses the VoF model from our Ansys Innovation Courses (AICs).

    I hope this helps you learn more about MHD and VoF simulations in Fluent.



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    Thank you for your input.

    However, there is not many usefull MHD toturials in youtube. Does ansys provide any MHD example?

    I have no trouble simulating the VoF simulation only the MHD part of the probleme is troublesome.

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    There used to be a tutorial back when the module was first introduced, but I don't think it's on the public side of the system. It also looks to be from Fluent 6.3 (I found the internal version) so whilst it'll probably work the interface will be a little different as it's from about 2005. I can't share that here, but if you talk to your University ASC (our contact there) they should be able to ask the local team for a copy.

    As an aside, I fixed a typo in the title to make this findable in future.

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    Would the tutorial be on Ansys customer portal? My thesis director has access to the portal and this would same me the trouble for having to communicate with the technical department at my university.

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