I am not able to generate hex mesh even though the body is sweepable ?

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I am new in Ansys, my objective it to generate a good quality Hex mesh. The modelling was done in Ansys Space Claim, In order to achieve the same I have decomposed the body. Even though the whole body is sweepable, some part of it isn't generating hex mesh. Also the requirement of three elements across the thickness isn't meeting. Can anyone help me for the above issue. I have attached snaps for your reference.

1) Mesh Generated

2) Mesh Controls

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  • Thank You Sir for your prompt reply. I will be evaluating the results by ASME SEC VIII Division 2 and there is requirement of three or more element within the thickness in order to generate accurate von mises stresses values. I will be taking SCL (Stress Classification Lines) across the thickness, if I take the approach of midsurface will that help me to achieve the same.

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