Arrow Release Simulation


I am working on my final year research project where i am required to evaluate the dynamic spine (deflection of the arrow shaft in flight) using explicit dynamics. I ran an experiment in which i used a chronograph to measure the velocity of the arrow. This velocity is used as an initial condition in explicit dynamics. I also draw an arrow with its components and a simplified archery bow. The bow is also equipped with a plunger button (spring with a disk head) which is depressed by the arrow upon release. To represent a plunger button i also draw a disk making contact with an arrow in Autodesk Inventor and then a added a spring in workbench.

To achieve the dynamic spine of the arrow i am required to simulate an archer releasing an arrow from the bow. I imposed a fixed support on the bow and a velocity on an arrow nock (rear end of the arrow). The problem i am having is the arrow not moving at all after running for so long and the simulation runs almost the whole day.

Please see the attached geometry pictures to get the idea of what i am talking about.

Could you please assist with this?

Your help is highly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Ndumiso Mdluli


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