How to utilize memory across multiple nodes on an HPC resource for an in-core solve

PSchwarzenbergPSchwarzenberg Member Posts: 3

I am trying to run a very large model on our HPC resource, however, when I request multiple nodes that together have enough memory for the specified in-core required memory, it only recognizes a single node's memory and switches to out-of-core mode. Is it possible to utilize the memory across multiple nodes to achieve an in-core solve?

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  • mrifemrife PHLPosts: 136Forum Coordinator

    Hi @PSchwarzenberg please double check the job submission. The 'Local memory...' is the amount needed by the master process: it reads in the input file; does the domain decomposition; then broadcasts the solution commands to the other cpu cores; and solves its own portion of the model. Since it is allocated close to 50% of the total memory (needed for all cpu cores used in solution including the master) it looks like only 2 cpu cores were requested to be used. Which I'm sure was not your intent.

    Perhaps discuss and show us how the job is being submitted.


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