Two-way FSI error: Update failed for the Solution component in System Coupling

I am using ANSYS 2020 R1 with a student license.

So I am simulating two-way FSI of a rocket fin in supersonic air to observe and validate the design. I have executed a few one-way FSI simulations using CFX and Static Structural systems, and now I am moving on to using Transient Structural and Fluid Flow (Fluent) systems with system coupling. I've been following some tutorials for setting this up, and got to the point where I was ready to solve. This is not the first error I got, but after refining the mesh for the fluid system, I get a number of different errors. Can anyone help me with what is going wrong here? Here are the error messages, and some warnings which I am less concerned about so I will not include them:

(DP 0) Participant Solution encountered a fatal error. Message: The version size limits( ELEMENTS )have been exceeded.  Contact your ANSYS support person for more information. Please do not save the project if you would like to recover to the last saved state.

(DP 0) Your product license has numerical problem size limits, you have exceeded these problem size limits and the solver cannot proceed.

[that last one is repeated 3 more times]

(DP 0) A solver failure occurred during the run in the Transient Structural system

Update failed for the Solution component in System Coupling. The coupled update for system Transient Structural threw an exception. Error updating cell Solution in system Transient Structural.

I am happy to share any more information about the project if needed.


  • Hi Simon,

    Since you're using the Student software, you're limited in the number of nodes/elements you can use. For Ansys Student 20.2, you can use up to 32K nodes/elements in Transient Structural and up to 512K cells/nodes in Fluent.

  • I am not exceeding these meshing limits. I have since edited my simulation a bit, but it's still throwing some similar errors, including the licensing size limits error.

    Here are mesh statistics for the Structural system:

    Here are mesh statistics for the Fluent system:

    Perhaps the number of nodes/elements in the Structural system is too close to the limits?

  • Hi, did you fix the problem? Thank you.

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