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MAMIN219MAMIN219 Member Posts: 8

I am not able to give accepted answer in my any post. I have posted my doubt in ANSYS forum but I can't able to get any link regarding where I will tick accepted answer

Please give me answer as soon as possible @mji @cxquan

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  • KremellaKremella Posts: 2,497Admin
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    Hello @MAMIN219 ,

    If you are opening a 'Question' type of post, you will see the option to mark them as 'Answered'. If you are opening a 'Discussion' type post, then you will not see this option.

    I hope this answers your question.




  • MAMIN219MAMIN219 Posts: 42Member

    @Kremella Thank you sir for clarification.

  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Posts: 11,404Member
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    @MAMIN219 Thank you for asking about this. The old Student Community didn't have two categories: Discussion and Question. All discussions could be marked with "Is Solution", thereby letting members know that the topic was "Solved". So maybe you opened your posts as Discussions and not Questions.

    @Kremella How can I tell by looking at a tile if it is a Question or a Discussion? How can I tell inside a thread if it was posted as a Question or Discussion?

    @Rob may also be interested in your answer to my question.

    Now I see there are two buttons.

    I haven't started a New Discussion or Ask a Question so I missed this distinction before. Maybe I better start one of each to see how this Forum works!

    I saw many posts from ANSYS staff asking easy questions. Maybe they were learning the Forum too? Not sure why they would be posting like that.

  • KremellaKremella Posts: 2,497Admin

    Hi @peteroznewman

    I don't think there is a way to look at the tile and say whether a post is Discussion / Question. The clues are inside the thread though.

    • All responses / comments for a 'Question' type will be under the label 'Answers'. Responses under the 'Discussion' type would be listed as 'Comments'.

    Question Type:

    Discussion Type:

    • Each comment on a 'Question' type will have the following line: "Did this answer your question? yes no" which will disappear when the user either accepts or rejects the answer. Based on this action, the comment will get tagged as "Accepted Answer" or "Rejected Answer" .



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